The key to your reselling success.

Step up your business with the best cookgroup and reselling information in the game, never miss out on any drops and always be ahead of the competition with EscapeNotify.

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To ensure that you will maximize your profits. From custom monitors to expert sneaker investment calls to a dedicated support team that will help you every step along the way, no matter whether you are an experienced reseller or a beginner, Escape is for you.

Full access to

Private drop information sourced directly from retailers.

Unrivaled by any competitor, Escape provides its users with detailed stock information that comes directly from retailers. You will be well informed about every upcoming drop.

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Enjoy groupbuys with top of the best bots, extensions and tools in the scene. FlareAIO, FlareRaffles, FUZE, NexosSolutions & many more.


Get everything

in one place.

Our mobile app is available for every user and is directly connected to our custom monitors, allowing lightning-fast notifications straight to your device. Just sit back and wait for the most important notifications, all in one place!

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Support available

voice meetings
Voice Meetings

Enjoy the personal angle? You're in the right place! Regular voice meetings are being held to answer any question that could come up

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24/7 Ticket Support

Still having questions? No problem, our support is there for you 24 hours a day

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Bot Support

Escape helps every botter! Our finely crafted bot support team leaves no bot-related question unanswered in our 1-to-1 ticket system

But that's not all...

Among the countless services we provide you will find:

Countless Giveaways

From shoes to streetwear to consoles, during our events you can win big!

Investment Guides

Regular price updates, resell predictions and investment calls, all provided to our users.

Custom Monitors

Our monitors are crafted with love and care by our designated developers to reach unmatched speeds.

Lowkey Flips

Escape offers many flips that the competition has no idea about, just before drops we let our users know.

Free Autocheckout

No bot? No problem! Escape Autocheckout makes it possible to have bot-level success without having to do it yourself, all free of charge.

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